The Speuter.

It’s a beautiful spring day, your Poochie Poo is due for her booster shots and you need new Heartworm Preventative, so off to the vet you go! You’ve noticed her gaining weight the last couple of weeks but you haven’t thought much of it since you haven’t been taking her out on walks much anyways!

You arrive at the clinic and sit to wait for the tech to come in and get you guys started. A few minutes pass and then she has come to take Poochie’s weight, before she walks her out to the scale she runs her hands over her swollen belly and looks puzzled.

“Has Poochie been bred?” She asks and you respond with an “of course not!” The tech walks out to get the vet and sure enough, he confirms that Poochie Poo is expecting!

“But how?!” You wonder out loud… Well… turns out that Fido from down the street can scale a fence with ease and since his owners are irresponsible too, you’re gonna be a grandparent!

Now I want to do some math with you. Let’s say Poochie has six surviving puppies, three male and three female, and you sell them to more people who don’t believe in alteration. Those three females can have a litter of six or more TWICE PER YEAR for most of their life… So lets say each one has just five litters in their life of six puppies. Thirty. Thirty dogs from one puppy. Those females that just popped out of your bitch produced NINETY OF THEIR OWN. What if those 90 aren’t altered? Those 90 aren’t even taking the three male dogs into consideration… they can breed almost daily… Impregnating all sorts of females. THIS is why there are so many dogs in shelters, on the streets, sick and dying homeless. It may sound like a stretch but this HAPPENS. Not only does it happen, it happens OFTEN. Your dog doesn’t need to be an outdoor dog who dug a hole to breed, they don’t have to escape your yard, things happen, they are animals and if given the chance, they can and will breed.

Now what if Poochie couldn’t birth on her own and you must go in for not only a c-section but an EMERGENCY c-section! Now we are talking thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention the vetting for the puppies before they are re-homed!


Now for the responses to “you should spay/neuter!”

“But I don’t want to take my dog’s BALLS away!” 

He wont miss them! I swear! Probably wont even know what happened, wont notice. In fact, your male dog can actually be less anxious if they are neutered, he wont have to worry about, lets call it… “performance pressure” (lol). A neutered dog also wont have testicular cancer and the chances of prostate cancer are reduced. Altered male dogs can have more predictable and manageable behavior, there is less of a chance of other dogs being reactive and aggressive towards him.

Female dogs certainly don’t miss their parts, no one enjoys a period and one that lasts a MONTH we would enjoy even less! Your unspayed female will be susceptible to Pyrometra, which is a fatal uterine infection, along with cancers of the reproductive system. Not even considering the immense risks she faces during pregnancy and birth of her puppies. Speuter please.

“But someday I want a little baby him!”

This response is always the most worrisome to me. If you are not well versed enough in the world of dog behavior to know that you will never have a dog identical to the one you are hoping to duplicate, you have no business breeding. No two dogs are the same, your situation when you got the first dog and your situation when that dog is birthing this puppy is not the same. Your life will not be identical. The raising will not be identical. And while genetics do contribute to personality, you will never have another dog like that one. Why would you set the puppy up to fail? And chances are you will be extremely disappointed by the puppy and it will do nothing but make both of your lives more difficult. Speuter please.

“I want to earn the money back that I paid for him…”

Stop. Please do us all a favor and find someone to take your animals and never own one again. Don’t get me wrong, there is money to be made in the animal world. BUT breeding to make money isn’t the way to make money. The ONLY reason you should be breeding your animal is to better the breed overall. Reputable breeders come closer to breaking even on breeding than actually profiting from it. Before breeding your dog you should get a full health check done on both the male and female, hips, eyes, blood panel, etc. That alone can be pricey, but then we are going to add pregnancy vet care, the supplements for the mama, the special foods, etc. Now, lets add whelping supplies to the bill. NOW, lets imagine something happens during birth and you need to pay for an emergency c-section. Now what if, god forbid, all of the puppies pass away. You’re now a few grand in the hole and you look like a fool. Speuter please.

“She wants to be a mother…”

Oh really?! Did she tell you that? Speuter please.


All in all, just don’t breed. If you need any more incentive to not breed, go for a walk through your nearest Shelter. If you want to be REAL hardcore, go take a stroll through the closest KILL shelter near you. The kind of shelter where you can feel death as you pull up and those dogs who fill those kennels must LIVE there for the remainder of their life unless they are adopted. But who will adopt that dog(who is only 16 months old and would make an exceptional therapy dog because his temperament is extraordinary) when you are offering a backyard bred Poochie Poo/Fido mix? No one. So the three day hold ends and the shelter worker goes back, slips a lead around his neck and leads him to the back room where he will be put to sleep because dogs are so vastly overbred and they need the kennel for the next stray they pick up.


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