About Me

Hi there! This blog is meant to combine two of my favorite things; animals and writing. Right off the bat I want to warn everyone that there may be some colorful language here and there…. sometimes everywhere. Its who I am! Most of the posts will be opinion and venting, I will share facts supporting my opinions and research most of my posts before they are published. Being part of the animal industry is hard, being a trainer is even more difficult and being part of the world I am in can be extraordinarily frustrating. So, my hope is I can alleviate my frustrations through venting as well as educate the public on our canine companions.
Me: I am a 23 year old, a mother, a dog trainer and life enthusiast. I was brought up in a home with many animals, giving me my solid, animal loving foundation. I spent many years riding and training horses, as well as working with the dogs my mother would rescue or, for a time, the German Shepherds she bred. While I didnt have true “expert” experience yet, I was learning more about animal behavior than I could begin to realize at the time. Fast forwarding: My human child entered my world on April 29, 2013 and is the best thing to happen to me. While I was married to her father, we lived in California where I had the opportunity to work with a local trainer. She began to build upon my foundation and teach me the basics of obedience and slowly eased me into what it means to be a trainer and the business aspect. Her faith and confidence in my knowledge, my natural ability and instincts inspired me and really made it clear to me that animals are my calling and this is where Im mean to to be. Since our return to Michigan, I had some personal turmoil… but then I worked for a behaviorist and trainer in her facility where I tried my best to be a human sponge. Currently: I am off on my own training and still, I learn every single day.

My promises to you: I do not know everything nor will I claim to. I learn new things every single day. I work mostly off of instinct and its seemed to work out okay so far! What I can assure all of you, my dear readers, is that I will never steer you wrong. If I do not know, I wont pretend to. If someone has a question I cannot answer, I wont… but I will try to find the answer for you.

With that said; I hope everyone enjoys reading.


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